Schrodinger's Cat

Wow. I saw the group, saw they were from Texas, and was curious about it, as I don't get to hear much Texas a cappella. All I have to say is that if these guys don't at least make a rim at doing a cappella professionally, it will be an incredible loss to the a cappella community. What struck me first is their innovation. Vocal and body percussion is nothing new in a cappella, but the way they integrated it was like nothing I ever heard. They said in their liner notes that the musical group Stomp! was one of their influences, and it shows. The whole group uses vocal percussion, chest slaps, foot stomps, anything that gets their sound across. And it presents a wide and varied mixture of sounds to work from, deeply heightening their experience. Their song selections work very well for them. Their tightest stuff were the two Bobby McFerrin numbers ... incredibly put together. I wonder out loud where they got their version of In Your Eyes, which has an extended intro before it goes into the song most people know. They also seem to be movie buffs ... most songs that aren't covers of a cappella sources come from movies... In Your Eyes from Say Anything, When Doves Cry from Purple Rain, BOTH Day-O and Jump in the Line from Beetlejuice, and You Can Leave Your Hat On from both 9 1/2 Weeks and The Full Monty. BUY THIS. The liner notes say they all go to U. of Texas at Austin, but their sound and production value shows they have a potential future professionally. Well worth the money.
- Review by Shawn Pearce from the Recorded A Cappella Review Board

"SCHRODINGER'S CAT - The contemporary/urban/hip hop/soul group that has it all goin'on .... a little bit sexy, a little bit nasty, and a lot hip. An emphasis on vocal percussion (ahern... that's *body* percussion - J.P.) drives the arrangements, and the group recognizes Bobby McFerrin as a primary inspiration, covering two McFerrin originals: "All I Want" and "Yes, You." "In Your Eyes" has an extended intro vamp before it breaks into the familiar chorus; "Sexual Healing" bumps and grinds, a rhythmically complex performance that enhances the vocal, without overpowering it. "Jump In The Line," with its rapid 2/4 syncopation, is a reflection of the many facets of the Texan music scene, encompassing Tejano, Spanish and Latin influences. "Lonesome Road" is a fitting closing track: delivered almost as a church hymn, the group gradually opens up the arrangement, accenting the final verse with tasty passing chords and allowing the melody to soar."
-Review from Primarily A Cappella

"The first thing you'll notice is the percussion - vocal as well as body slaps, claps, stomps and more. Then you notice the singing, which is terrific, too. This group does covers that are either true to the originals, complete with the passion many groups lack in covers, or they create their own fire with a unique take. Their "Yes, You" is sensual, "Jump In The Line" will get your hips swaying, and "When Doves Cry" blazes - wow! "In Your Eyes" is much [more] true to the worldbeat-esque version Peter Gabriel often does than the straight pop version many groups cover, and the passion of the song just flows from these guys. It's not all hard-hitting percussion-oriented tunes, though - the album ends on a version of "That Lonesome Road" that is smooth and soulful. This is a group to watch!"
- Review from Mainely A Cappella



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